Backtrac PHP client

This projects includes both a client library and a phing helper to trigger visual comparison.


API Documentation

See the generated documentation


composer require ec-europa/backtrac-php-client:~0.1


Usage as library

require_once __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php';
$client = new \EC\Utils\Backtrac\Client(

 * Create a website object
$website = new \EC\Utils\Backtrac\Website('test-site','');

 * Set the new url for dev :

 * Compare prod a dev :
$diffId = $client->compareEnvironments(

 * Wait for the end of the diff and display result :


 * Custom compare :
        new \EC\Utils\Backtrac\Website('site_1','http://xxxx.yyy/zzz'),
        new \EC\Utils\Backtrac\Website('site_2', 'http://xxx.yyy/zzzzw')

Usage as Phing task

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<project default="backtrac-compare-self" name="test" basedir=".">
    <!-- Import the phing tasks into your project. -->
    <import file="${project.basedir}/vendor/ec-europa/backtrac-php-client/phing/import.xml" />
    <!-- Example target to update a website url for an environment. -->
    <target name="backtrac-update-url">
        <backtrac-set-url secure="true" environment="development" url="" project_id="12" auth_token="xxxxxxxx" />
    <!-- Example target for comparing different environments: prod and dev. -->
    <target name="backtrac-compare-prod-dev">
        <backtrac-compare secure="true" compare_mode="compare_prod_dev" project_id="12" check_results="true" auth_token="xxxxxxxx" />

    <!-- Example target to take single snapshot: before deployment or build. -->
    <target name="backtrac-single-snapshot">
        <backtrac-compare secure="true" compare_mode="snapshot" environment="production" project_id="12" check_results="false" auth_token="xxxxxxxx" />
    <!-- Example target for comparing environment to latest snapshot: after deployment or build. -->
    <target name="backtrac-compare-self">
        <backtrac-compare secure="true" compare_mode="compare_itself" environment="production" project_id="12" check_results="false" auth_token="xxxxxxxx" />

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