Runtime docker configuration

env Description Default
APACHE_ACCESS_LOG Location of apache’s access log /proc/self/fd/1
APACHE_ERROR_LOG Location of apache’s error log /proc/self/fd/2
DAEMON_GROUP Group name to run the daemons with www-data
DAEMON_USER Username to run the daemons with www-data
DOCUMENT_ROOT Document root /var/www/html
SITE_PATH Site URL location (non-dev) /
FPM_MAX_CHILDREN Max number of PHP processes 5
FPM_MIN_CHILDREN Min number of PHP processes 2
HTTP_PORT Port to listen on 8080
PHP_MAX_EXECUTION_TIME PHP max execution time 30
PHP_MAX_INPUT_TIME PHP max input time 30
PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT PHP memory limit 512M
SMTP_SERVER SMTP server to use empty
SMTP_PORT SMTP port to use 25
SMTP_FROM SMTP From to use empty
SMTP_USERNAME Username to use for SMTP auth empty
SMTP_PASSWORD Password to use for SMTP auth empty

With docker-compose

Eg, if you have an app with a web folder that should be the document root :

    image: fpfis/httpd-php-dev:5.6
     - DOCUMENT_ROOT=/app/web
     - .:/app