Drone Client PHP SDK

The client SDK is currently unstested an a work in progress

Using with composer

$ composer require gboddin/php-drone-client

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

require_once(__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

// Configure API key authorization: accessToken
DroneClient\Configuration::getDefaultConfiguration()->setApiKey('access_token', 'YOUR_API_KEY');
// Uncomment below to setup prefix (e.g. Bearer) for API key, if needed
// DroneClient\Configuration::getDefaultConfiguration()->setApiKeyPrefix('access_token', 'Bearer');

$api_instance = new DroneClient\Api\BuildsApi();
$owner = "owner_example"; // string | owner of the repository
$name = "name_example"; // string | name of the repository

try {
    $result = $api_instance->reposOwnerNameBuildsGet($owner, $name);
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Exception when calling BuildsApi->reposOwnerNameBuildsGet: ', $e->getMessage(), PHP_EOL;