Image flavors


The image contains PHP and Apache, no additional services are running.

All subsequent development images are base on this image.

$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php:5.6
$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php:7.1
$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php:7.2

Full image

Based on the base image.

Additional components have been added for convenience :

  • Java
  • OCI
$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php-full:5.6
$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php-full:7.1
$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php-full:7.2

Development image

Based on the full image, various dev services and packages are also included :

  • Composer
  • Git, Patch & co
  • Xdebug for debugging
  • Blackfire for profiling
$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php-dev:5.6
$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php-dev:7.1
$ docker pull fpfis/httpd-php-dev:7.2